Find development opportunities that make your city a better place
We are building new tools to make land markets transparent and urban plans work
Cut your risk
See only those properties that are clear from most important restrictions - like flood risk or high control zones. Then take a deeper look into each site - like if you need to carry out an environmental survey before construction.
Unlock market potential
Spot high-margin opportunities with area-specific data on rental prices per room.
See investment opportunities for single-family houses
Calculate development impact
Build more resilient and equitable communities with our targeted indices calculated for each site.
Discover erven that have development potential.
Area report
Shortlist of Best Investment Opportunities
Zoning and Planning Analytics
List of development opportunities within a 600-meter radius in your chosen area
Includes Planning Constraints and Risks to help you make an informed decision.
Understand the rental potential in your local area to evaluate profitability.
Rental Market Benchmark
site report
Receive an instant, easy-to-understand report that outlines the development potential of your selected land plot.
Report on Constraints, Incentives, and Local Market
Cadastral Boundary Details
Know the boundaries of your erf, helping you visualise its potential.
Get immediate insights into the feasibility of your project.
Essential Official Documents
Includes Amendment Scheme (if applicable) and SG Diagram for in-depth analysis.
We identified 181 753 opportunities in Johannesburg to develop or extend single-family detached houses that fit the present property market climate. 2 452, which is 1.5% of these opportunities, have high development potential and are close to amenities and public transport.
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“OneCity helps developers navigate the pre-construction stage and make the best investment decisions aligned with the latest city plans.”
“OneCity says its digital-mapping app can help planners create housing that better serves the needs of the poor.”
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