Find development opportunities that make your city a better place
We are building new tools to make land markets transparent and urban plans work
Cut your risk
See only those properties that are clear from most important restrictions - like flood risk or high control zones. Then take a deeper look into each site - like if you need to carry out an environmental survey before construction.
Unlock market potential
Spot high-margin opportunities with area-specific data on rental prices per room.
See investment opportunities for single-family houses
Calculate development impact
Build more resilient and equitable communities with our targeted indices calculated for each site.
Sample of Site Report. 2 MB
Sample of Site Report. 2 MB
Sample of Area Report. 2 MB
Sample of Area Report. 2 MB
We identified 181 753 opportunities in Johannesburg to develop or extend single-family detached houses that fit the present property market climate. 2 452, which is 1.5% of these opportunities, have high development potential and are close to amenities and public transport.
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